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Template:Cleanup-date Template:Infobox Network Courtroom Television Network LLC, more commonly known as Court TV, is an American cable television network owned by Time Warner and Liberty Media that launched on July 1, 1991.

Available in nearly 80 million homes, Court TV's programming includes movies (both original and off-network), news (with editorial content), & simulcasts of trials, usually criminal trials. All on-air news anchors covering these trials are attorneys.


Television programs

Court TV Daytime

Court TV Primetime Programs

Court TV shows in primetime.

  • Body of Evidence
  • Forensic Files
  • Hollywood @ Large With Diane Dimond
  • Hollywood Justice
  • I, Detective
  • The Investigators
  • Masterminds
  • North Mission Road
  • Psychic Detectives
  • Trace Evidence
  • Diane Dimond Tonight
  • Nancy Grace Live
  • Court TV Investigates
  • Trial Update
  • Cops


Apart from owning the CourtTV website, it also operates The Smoking Gun, a website which focuses on legal items such as mug shots and other public documents. Court TV also owns the website Crime Library: Criminal Minds and Methods, which goes in depth concerning infamous crimes and how they were solved.


Template:Infobox Radio Station On February 3, 2003, Court TV, Plus debuted on Sirius Satellite Radio, featuring audio from Court TV programs. Originally on Channel 134, it was moved in September 2005 and is now on Channel 110.

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