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{{Taxobox | color = lightgreen | name = Mahogany family | image = Chinaberry1216.JPG | image_width = 240px | image_caption = Melia azaderach in flower | regnum = Plantae | divisio = Magnoliophyta | classis = Magnoliopsida | ordo = Sapindales | familia = Meliaceae | familia_authority = Juss. | type_genus = Melia | type_genus_authority = L. | subdivision_ranks = Genera | subdivision = See text. }}

The Meliaceae, or the Mahogany family, is a flowering plant family of mostly trees and shrubs (and a few herbaceous plants) in the order Sapindales,

They are characterised by alternate, usually pinnate leaves without stipules, and by syncarpous, apparently bisexual (but actually mostly cryptically unisexual) flowers borne in panicles, cymes, spikes, or clusters. Most species are evergreen, but some are deciduous, either in the dry season or in winter.

The family includes about 50 genera and 550 species, with a pantropical distribution; one genus (Toona) extends north into temperate China and south into southeast Australia, and another (Melia) nearly as far north.


Various species are used for vegetable oil, soap-making, insecticides, and highly prized wood (mahogany).

Some economically important species belong to this family:


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