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{{Taxobox | color = lightgreen | name = Oxaldaceae | image = Oxalis-regnellii-atropurpurea.jpg | image_width = 200px | image_caption = Oxalis regnellii atropurpurea | regnum = Plantae | divisio = Magnoliophyta | classis = Magnoliopsida | ordo = Oxalidales | familia = Oxalidaceae | familia_authority = R.Br. | subdivision_ranks = Genera | subdivision = Averrhoa
Oxalis }}

The Oxalidaceae, or wood sorrel family, is a small family of eight genera of herbaceous plants, shrubs and small trees, with the great majority of the 900 species in the genus Oxalis (wood sorrels). Members of this family typically have divided leaves, the leaflets showing "sleep movements", spreading open in light and closing in darkness.

The genus Averrhoa, often included in this family, is treated by some botanists in a separate family Averrhoaceae.

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